This Ray Ban sunglasses, is actually Song Zhongji’s favorite

Big hot Korean drama “the descendants of the sun” so that Song Zhongji became a national idol, the spring of the most seductive screen couple. 35-year-old Song Hye Kyo and his 4-year-old Song Zhongji in the TV drama talk Jiedi Lian, staged a boyfriend force burst table special forces and surgeons dream love, see fans so drunk. Song Zhongji through and used a single product has become the darling of the fashion industry. Before we introduced Song Hye Kyo’s watch, today we come to introduce a Song Zhongji’s favorite, Ray Peng pilots glasses. Let’s take a look at a few sets of stills.


In fact, this is the explosion of cheap Ray Ban products, models for the pilot RB3025 pilot is Ray Ban outlet classic series and 3025 is its classic model. Lei Peng glasses exquisite workmanship, no optical deviation of the lens, after wearing will not lead to eye fatigue, headache and fatigue, sought after by many stars. This classic series of 3025 sunglasses, with Arista metal frame, light weight, good elasticity, dark green lenses, lens width 58mm, temple length 135mm, suitable for most men and women wear. Many people tangled sunglasses polarized or not, in fact, polarized sunglasses, if often driving will become more important, if only the pursuit of brand + quality, respected fashion, then the pilots of the ordinary section is very appropriate.

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