Sunglasses also have payment function?


According to Engadget, following another Snapchat camera in the Spectacles glasses, another company also played the idea of sunglasses. Recently, Visa and well-known glasses manufacturers cheap Ray Ban, SXSW concert can be used to show the wireless payment of sunglasses prototype. The sunglasses have a built-in NFC chip in the border and can be connected to the user’s Visa account. Therefore, when you checkout, only need to take off the glasses, close to the reader, you can complete the payment.

Although it is also useful to pay with a sunglasses at the pool or the beach, where the sunglasses can be used for payment, the sunglasses are not used every day, and are more likely to be forgotten, so the actual use may not be large The However, one hand off the glasses, gently waved in the top of the card reader, this way to pay to think about it is still cool.

However, this has a payment function of the Ray Ban outlet sunglasses is not yet available for sale timetable. Visa is currently conducting marketing test water to measure consumer demand. After all, want to test the real needs of users, there is no better place than SXSW.