Why I Love the Replica Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses


The original replica Ray-Ban Wayfarers were maybe too closely associated with Tom Cruise’s toothy, underwear-clad uber-bro from Risky Business, so an update was in order. The New Wayfarer, which was released in 2008 and is not actually so new anymore, is slicker aesthetically and more ergonomic than the original. Plus, the lens polarization is somehow, to my eye, more seamless than any other pair of shades I’ve worn. The highest compliment I can pay might be to say that I don’t notice when I’m wearing the New Wayfarers. That is, until I catch a reflection of my mug in a car window and think, “Tom who?”

As an Outside editor, I’ve been trained to think that durability and performance reign supreme over style, but there’s no sacrificing with these replica sunglasses uk. I’ve had the same pair since 2013. The tortoiseshell veneer is peeling and chipping off the temple tips, one of the hinges is sticky, and the lenses are scratched to hell—one of them is even cracked from a time I dropped the glasses on a rock during a backpacking trip. But somehow I haven’t noticed the wear and tear enough to feel compelled to buy a new pair. They’ve survived pool water so chlorinated it acid-washed my boxers from black to purple, salt water plunges in the Pacific, constant tosses and rough landings, a thousand thumb-inside-of-shirt lens scrubbings, and hours spent smashed in my pocket next to my car keys.

I don’t do a good job of taking care of my cheap ray ban sunglasses, and I probably never will. I don’t schlep around a leather case or use one of those microfiber cloths that always come with a new pair of shades. These aren’t baby bunny rabbits. They’re a tool. Some people enjoy thinking about their possessions and relish opportunities to contemplate shopping for new ones. I don’t. My favorite part about these glasses: I never have to think about them.

Trendy replica sunglasses styles feature color, vision protection


Looking cool as the weather heats up is as much about replica sunglasses as it is about sandals and swimsuits. Eye wear, for all its practicality, has become a booming fashion industry unto itself.

For 2017, the runway is replete with colored lenses — specifically blues and yellows.

Fashioners last fall reported that various lens hues enhance skin tones and makeup. Colored frames do the same. Michael Kors has a new aqua lens look in white rims. Ray-Ban pairs blue frames with ombre-tinted lenses that pick up the blue, but sport other colors as well. Oakley, too, has a breezy new blue rectangular plastic frame style.

Vogue’s Liana Satenstein revealed last spring that this summer would be all about tinted shades. Yellow lenses in a rimless style turned heads in a Louis Vuitton Resort 2017 show. Byblos Milano’s funky double rims sport pale yellow lenses, while Marni’s yellow lens version is oversized and rimless.

Designers are experimenting with other colors, too, even greens and purples. And frame styles run the gamut, from “Hunger Games” futuristic to floral-embellished. Every geometric shape seems to pass muster, while the aviator trend holds its own. Making Ray-ban.com’s trend list for 2017 are marble frames for textural interest and sophistication.

Gary Heiting, OD, senior editor of All About Vision, says, “The most significant new trend in replica sunglasses is a strong emphasis on blue-light protection.” He says the push this year is for eye-care professionals and eyewear manufacturers to “create greater awareness of blue light and the need to protect your eyes from it — primarily by wearing UV- and blue-light protective fake sunglasses outdoors at all times.”

For spring and summer sunglass shoppers, practical eye protection and wardrobe-enhancing accessorization go hand in hand.