Ray-Ban replica launched the “Ittakescourage” global brand manifesto activities

Beijing, March 30, 2016 – the world leader in high-end eyewear Luxottica Group’s top brand Ray-Ban replica sunglasses, Ray-Ban, announced the launch of a global brand manifesto activity, Ittakescourage. And China as an important strategic market for the Group, in mid-April 2016 with the simultaneous global launch, “What are they afraid” (Ittakescourage) Ray-Ban brand manifesto activities.

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If not perfect, I do not wear a mask

The propaganda blockbusters shot in Los Angeles, Zhang Jing from the renowned photographer Mark Seliger, with multiple sets of unique photographs reflect the brand DNA: the courage to do themselves. Here the “courage” is not blind fear, but rather the courage to look firm and decisive share of challenges, but also inspire people to break through the self, and constantly go beyond the limits of the source of strength.

Under the lens heroes courageous but loyal to themselves, they do not dare to embrace perfection, in challenge to stereotypes Vulgar Meanwhile, arbitrary sway talent and emotion, to seek to break the shackles of self, live from my color.

During the event, Ray Ban replica brand will be launched in China, “What are they afraid,” the theme of the Declaration, to encourage the younger generation to face evaluation, open your heart, put aside the secular vision, redefining the way of life, to experience the power of courage. Declaration will focus on the theme “Courage” theme, invited young people to share their own social stories.

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The courage to reject outmoded customs, Be yourself

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I like to sing, others indifferent Evaluation

Attitude courage to release and expose themselves, without any fear of embarrassment, rejection and neglected

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Despite the phone, then I would have the courage to say face to face down any network device, interact with the real world

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I chose to try again, even at the expense of

Courage to embrace change, step out of your self small space to pursue their desire for lifestyle

Declaration synchronization with the theme, replica Ray-Ban mystery guests will be invited to participate in social media activities of the Declaration, the mystery guest will be “not afraid of the challenge,” the image appears, “loyal to the self, fearless,” he afraid of? let us wait and see!